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Donation Locations

Material donations can be dropped off at these locations. PLease check the availability that corresponds to the type of materials you would like to donate, as some locations are better equipped to handle them, as indicated in this chart.

If you need help finding a location, just click on the name of the facility to pop up a map!


Administration Building

Christmas Store

City Thrift - Antioch

City Thrift - Lexington

City Thrift - Shawnee

City Thrift - Wornall

Community Assistance

Family Center

Food Warehouse

Lenexa Donation Drive Thru

Men's Center

Opportunity Farm

Receiving Center at 1700

Bedding / Household Items
Cleaning / Housekeeping Supplies
Clothing - New
Clothing - Used
Computer / Computer Equipment
Craft Supplies
Electronics / Appliances
General Merchandise
Hygiene Products
Jewelry / Coins
Kitchen Supplies
Maintenance of Facilities
Maintenance of Vehicles
Medical Supplies
Medicines - over the counter
Office Supplies
Program Supplies